Women Warriors: Voices Of Change – Lincoln Center, NYC

To All The Little Girls – Video Shoot & Women In The World Summit 2017


“‘Never doubt that you are valuable’: Talented 13-year-old singer turns Hillary’s concession speech into a girl power anthem…” – Daily Mail UK

“…and It’s Damn Near Perfect”- POPSUGAR

What started out as a music theory class assignment, has turned into a emotionally powerful and moving young women’s anthem that delivers hope and has inspired listeners around the world.

13 year old Isolde Fair had the task of creating a song based on Hillary Clinton’s famous concession speech, by her music theory teacher Mary Ann Cummins at Sol-La Music Academy in California. The focus was on the portion of Clinton’s speech dedicated to young women, “Never doubt that you are valuable…” Isolde did more than just that; her song moved her teacher to tears, inspiring the idea to include other female friends and classmates on the song accompanied by a string arrangement. Mary Ann then played the song for her good friend, two time Oscar-winning filmmaker, Terry Sanders who was equally moved and offered to make a video of the rehearsal featuring Isolde and her classmates (girls from ages 8-19) and struck gold. The video has already reached over 300,000 views on YouTube alone, attracting the attention of Hillary Clinton herself, who responded with a tweet to her 13+ million followers, “Thanks to Isolde Fair & her classmates for this inspiring song. I’m with YOU”. The famous tweet has received over 33k likes and 8k retweets.

Isolde Fair has been writing and performing music since she can remember. She plays electric bass, has studied the violin since 5 years of age, and has played piano since she was a baby, thanks to her mother, Starr Parodi, who is an accomplished recording artist and composer. Isolde draws her inspiration from every day living like school and her peers as well as world events. When it came to writing and composing “To All The Little Girls”, Isolde says, “The melody came easily to me but the chords took a little while to write. For most of the lyrics, I used the words from Hillary’s concession speech that my teacher wanted the class to use. However, I wanted to have more than one verse, so I wrote some lyrics of my own for the second verse that were inspired by Clinton’s speech.”

This powerful song and its video have received rave reviews internationally and led to Isolde performing “To All The Little Girls” to a sold-out crowd at Lincoln Center in April 2017 for the New York Times/Tina Brown (9th annual) Women In The World Summit featuring Scarlett Johansson, Justin Trudeau, Queen Latifah & Hillary Clinton. The video has also been featured on Japan’s NHK news, The New York Times, The Huffington Post (3x), Cosmopolitan Magazine, The UK Daily Mail, Pop Sugar, Univision and numerous other news sites.


Video Credits – To All The Little Girls

ISOLDE FAIR – with girls from SOL-LA Music Academy

video produced by:  Starr Parodi, Jeff Eden Fair, Terry Sanders & Mary Ann Cummins

video directed by: Terry Sanders

music produced & orchestrated by: Starr Parodi & Jeff Eden Fair

To All The Little Girls by: Isolde Fair
inspired by: Hillary Clinton’s concession speech

​official nominee:
Hollywood Music In Media Awards
The International Roundglass Awards
Best Music Video





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